For years, I have been nearly blind, that is, I couldn’t see anything without my bifocals or my contact lenses, which have eaten up my eyes over time. Now, thanks to DR MOSSA, I can see like a normal person. Thanks to the doctor, yes miracles do happen !!!!!!!!!!!


It’s incredible how fast the operation was and how professional the team was, if you can even call it an operation, because it lasted less than 40 seconds for me anyway, and the result is absolutely incredible. I can’t believe my eyes 🙂


There is really nothing to else say. Great team, the secretaries and Dr. Mossa immediately put me at ease. I had surgery five months ago and I’m very satisfied with the result. Again, thank you very much. It was all very professional and reassuring for me, because I’m a sensitive person, especially when it comes to operations!


Perfect from A to Z: level, quality, price and especially support. I thank you again. Life is so much better without glasses.